Building a beautiful picket fence

A picket fence not only prevents people and animals from entering your yard, it also gives your property an attractive and finished look. Hardware and home improvement stores sell fence panels that simplify the task of building your own wooden fence. Try planting roses or a vine to soften the look of the fence.


  1. Dig the first hole for the pole with a hand shovel if you need less than a dozen holes and are excavating relatively soft soil, for harder or more holes than a dozen, consider renting an excavator. Start by digging a whole 10 ” (25.4 cm) in diameter with straight sides using a shovel.
  2. Place a pole at the first hole and add back in 8 ” (20.3 cm) of soil. Ensure that the post is vertical and tamp the soil and press it in place. Add 8 ” (20.3 cm) of soil and repeat the process of leveling and tamping until the hole is full.
  3. Tie a 5” string (12.7 cm) from the ground to the side of the post. Bring the rope to the first corner of the fence and drives a stake there. Wrap the rope around the stake to mark the first side of the fence.
  4. Dig a second hole for the pole at the point marked. Place the second post in the same way as the first.
  5. Use wood shims to prop the fence panel 2”-5 ” (5-12 cm) above the ground, and use 2 screws of 1/2 ” (1.2 cm) to attach the panel to the studs. Continue to place poles and fix the panels until you’ve completed your fence.