Our sole aim is to create the highest quality results for you through planning and thoughtful design, fine craftsmanship, the best materials available, and proper installation of all our projects.

At Handyman On Call, we specialize in the highest quality finish carpentry, including installing doors and trim, crown moldings, wood flooring, and cabinetry. Very often, we focus on a particular room at a time, be it a dining room, library, kitchen, or bathroom. We are also willing and able to manage remodel projects.

Finish Carpentry— We finish a room or whole house, from installing doors to trimming windows, baseboards, and cabinetry. We build bookcases and finish the room with trim, working with design concepts from making it to installing it.

Our flooring installation team guarantees perfection every time. We believe everybody should have beautiful flooring purely because of its character, style and durability. Our experienced team are highly skilled craftsmen that take great pride in providing you the best possible finish.

Our carpentry services include:

  • Trim, molding and baseboard Finishing and repair;
  • Attic flooring and storage installation;
  • Attic insulation and venting;
  • Basement finishing & remodeling;
  • Bathroom remodeling;
  • Efficient window and door Replacement;
  • Kitchen remodeling;
  • Porch and deck repairs and construction;
  • Fence installation, stair repairs, countertops, and floors.

We strongly believe in building a partnership with our customers to provide desired outcomes at the highest standards. Rest assured that expectations for your home and office renovation will always be met.