We have kept our customers dry with quality products and our experienced professional workers. Handyman On Call provides services for all of your interior de-watering and exterior waterproofing needs for crawl spaces and full basements inside and out. Handyman On Call has experts for the removal of mold. Keep your home and family safe with the complete removal and treatment of all mold.

Water and moisture problems in basements are very common. Water problems can not only be annoying and uncomfortable, but can lead to significant health problems. Mold can grow in damp areas and beneath wall coverings. Handyman On Call can resolve your problems with quality and professional interior de-watering. Water can enter the home through the basement wall/floor joints, cracks in the foundation walls or holes created by faulty or decaying masonry or brick. Interior de-watering is the process containing water and then removing the water.You will need your basement waterproofed when you see the following signs:

  • Water infiltrates or floods your basement during periods of rain or snow melt.
  • Cracks have developed in your foundation walls or stairs.
  • The basement walls are showing signs of bulges in toward the basement.
  • The basement floor is lifting or dropping.

The benefits of waterproofing are endless: increase to the value of your home, improved living space for your family to enjoy, elimination of some of the respiratory problems caused by mold, mildew and fungus that often result from a wet basement and lastly relief knowing that the foundation of your home is structurally safe and sound. Stopping water infiltration is only one aspect of waterproofing. Handyman On Call offers many additional services, including:

  • Restoration of masonry, caulks and sealants.
  • Leakage and structural damage repair.
  • Tuck pointing and brick replacement.
  • Epoxy injection.
  • Deck.
  • Interior and exterior sealant replacement.
  • Expansion joint replacement.

Protect and prevent your structure from potential damage and preserve the condition and value by waterproofing. Handyman On Call Company’s team approaches any-size waterproofing job with education and experience.

Crack Injection: Cracks often originate from a point of weakness such as the corner of a window, a beam pocket, a utility penetration or from the cut-out of a door sill. Cracking is a common issue that occurs with poured foundations. Concrete walls will crack due to the release of water during the curing process or because of settlement. Cracks are commonly found near breaks in walls or in the middle of long walls uninterrupted by turns in the wall. These cracks often leak and surface repairs with rigid products such as hydraulic cement or epoxy will often fail within a couple of years. Proper crack repair requires that the cracks be fully filled with either epoxy resin or urethane foam. Foundation cracks are not all the same. Our field consultants can assist in choosing the right product and repair method, also will assure the proper crack preparation is performed.

Epoxy injection should be used for cracks that need to be structurally repaired. Epoxies can add a great amount of strength to a foundation and at times can even exceed the strength of the surrounding concrete. The epoxy injection process begins by cleaning the crack and the surrounding area of all debris. Injection ports are then inserted along the length of the crack. The epoxy is then injected through the ports until the crack is completely sealed.