Handyman On Call is your complete professional chimney and fireplace company. We provide most anything for your fireplace and chimney. From sweeping to installation, restoration – your safety comes first. We always provide a detailed and easy to read level one inspection report for every chimney swept.

Very important aspect when having a chimney – it is recommended to inspect and clean at least once a year by a qualified chimney sweep. Cleaning not only eliminates bad odors from your chimney, it also improves draft which in return improves the efficiency of your fireplace. Handyman On Call also removes dangerous creosote deposits that can build up in your chimney. These deposits can potentially ignite causing damage to your chimney and can possibly damage your home’s foundation and structure.  Our fully trained technicians will check your damper, firebox, lintel packing, brick, mortar, refractory panels, mortar crown, flashing and cap.

Local residents have come to recognize the professional workmanship and friendly faces of our chimney sweep technicians. We always maintain the highest standards of quality and consistently deliver exceptional customer service for every homeowner we serve. We established and preserve these relationships by allowing our customers to realize and achieve the full potential of their fireplace and the safety of their chimney and other venting products in their home. Our customer relations are centered around our considerate, sincere and well-trained employees. A free estimate will be given for any repairs needed.

If a problem is identified, we will explain the concern right away and offer the most cost effective solutions. If repairs are necessary, you do not need to look any further as we are proficient in all aspects of chimney and fireplace repairs and installation.