The room addition will provide more living space while boosting the value of your home. It can meet the needs of a growing family or give you room to spread out or have privacy. We have been adding space to homes and commercial building for more than 10 years, providing first-quality work at reasonable prices.

Bedroom Addition

Bedrooms and master suites can create room for a growing family, or give elbow room as children grow up. A room addition makes an excellent bedroom suite, because it also enables us to add a bathroom to the design. Imagine having all of the closet space you desire, a personal space for reading or sewing and custom cabinetry with drawers and room for video and audio electronics. You imagine it – we will create it for you!

Bathroom Addition

We can get creative when adding a bathroom. The room that can now be a refuge from stress that is spacious and calming. Because this is a room addition that is designed from the ground – up, you can have a separate shower and bath, more than one sink, even a spa tub where you can make the day go away

Kitchen Addition

Some people like to add a kitchen rather than remodel their existing one. One reason is that they can have the size and layout they have always wanted. Another reason is that they can keep their existing kitchen in service while the new one takes shape. We can also add design and build to make use of the space that was occupied by your old kitchen.

Sunroom Addition

Sunrooms add character to your home. They let in more natural light and provide you and your family with a unique, welcoming space to gather with friends and family on special occasions or just to enjoy every day. Sunrooms are serene, cozy and inviting places.  Imagine sitting in your new sunroom sipping your morning coffee surrounded by early-morning golden sunshine.

Like a patio, sunroom additions are a place to sit and enjoy the scenery, except with sunrooms, you can enjoy every season, not just the warm ones. You won’t have to be bothered by outdoor pests or inclement weather. You can even enjoy watching the rain or snow fall.

Whether you are looking to add on a new master suite, update a bathroom, or create the kitchen of your dreams, Handyman On Call can help you. We specialize in all aspects of home remodeling and additions. Whether your flooring, cabinetry and appliances need upgrades, or you would like to add a bedroom or two and change the layout of your home, our highly skilled team of professionals can do the job.

Make room for what matters, because it’s a whole lot more than just extra space.  A home addition is the possibility to enrich life for your family.