From the immediate response for emergency service to the most delicate roof restoration procedures, Handyman On Call is ready to help you with all of your maintenance needs. Our employees are talented, skilled trades personnel who are experienced in all areas of building, electrical, plumbing, painting and remodeling.

Our skilled carpenters can meet the most exacting requirements of our house. We combine old school craftsmanship with the latest technologies and materials to fulfill remodeling, repair and renovation projects. Handyman On Call also provides quality concrete work for sidewalks, patios, slabs and driveways. Our service crews provide rapid emergency response in the event of power outages, as well as troubleshooting and repair for building electrical distribution equipment.  We also maintain the electrical systems and controls associated with heating, cooling and ventilation equipment. Company’s objective is to provide safe and reliable electrical service.

We can install and maintain high security keying systems, scramble pads, electronic locking systems, electromagnetic locking systems and mechanical locks. Handyman On Call will also take care of your painting projects. We seek to beautify the house with exceptional interior and exterior paint work. Our professional technicians provide interior and exterior painting with both latex and oil-based products. Our services include patching, plastering, wall board taping, wood furniture and cabinet finishing, ceiling and wall covering.

Handyman On Call technicians are serious about your health and safety. Our skilled plumbers have years of service in the modification and improvement of plumbing in old and new houses. We have mastered the use of suitable plumbing materials as well as safe and efficient plumbing techniques for hot and cold, industrial and domestic water, domestic drains and storm drains.

Our company is proactive in maintaining the life and condition of your home before you have to call for service repairs. Our goal in safeguarding your home, preserve its long term value, protect your loved ones from hidden dangers and save you thousands of dollars. We want our customers to feel they can depend on us for all of their home maintenance needs.