Creating a master suite in an existing structure is not impossible or expensive. With a little forethought and planning, a homeowner can easily remodel their existing master bedroom and add some additional space from an existing but unused room. Most significantly, the end result can be tailored to fit the needs, lifestyle and tastes of the homeowner.

A fireplace can be added for romance in the bedroom or a heated floor in the master suite for more comfort on those cold winter mornings. For an even greater relaxation, add an entertainment center in a private sitting area. Handyman On Call technicians will perform it professionally and it will become your favorite spot in the house.

One of the great things about deciding to take on a bedroom remodeling project is that you will see a return for your investment. In addition to having a luxury suite you and enjoy, this also increases the property value of your home. So when you do decide to put your home on the market you can benefit from your decision.

Room size and shape is the most important aspect of any bedroom or master suite remodel and renovation. Before deciding on a furniture set, be sure to consider the room size. Taking a clean, open bedroom and turning into a cramped, uninviting space is never a good idea. Handyman On Call will measure the furniture and even place tape outlines on the floor so you can visualize exactly how it will fit. We will leave more walking space than you feel you need. This will keep the area open and allow plenty of space for cabinet doors and drawers to be easily opened and closed. Trust the professionals in your master bedroom remodeling project!