Design Styles For Hipped Roof

Normally you see houses with sloping roofs; roofs that are simply flat on the sides that are located at the top at an angle. The types of hip roofs, include simple design styles which are pyramid, four cross, four semi waters where no two sides are the same size: generally they have four sides (two pyramids and two polygons).


Choose a simple design style four water roof for your home if you live in an area known for high winds, so you do not have to worry about whipping wind or lifting roof materials which will pull them off your home. Select this style, too, if your home is a structure in which two sides are longer in length than the other two sides.  When the shapes of these two shorter sides and the long sides, they will be a good fit for a triangular hipped roof.


Place a pyramidal roof of four waters in your home if all four sides of your house have the same length in measurement. This four waters design is a unique pyramid for each side of the house, sloping upward until each is at a specific point on top of your home. Pyramidal roof designs and other styles of hip roof are recommended in geographic areas that experience hurricanes. Due to the steepness of your four pyramidal roof, it is more difficult for strong winds in hurricanes to lift up the tiles when they are oriented in this specific way, according to Roof 101.

Four crossed waters

Your house may not be a typical square and can have the standard base structure with a protruding section sticking out from the rest of the house, similar to an “L” or “T”. If so, put a cross water roof design on this type of home. Like the styles of four simple and pyramidal roofs, this will prevent strong winds or hurricanes from removing the roof from your home. In addition, this design style, like other hip roofs, are good choices for homeowners building in areas with strong sunlight or snow conditions as it’s the best in protecting your home from these elements, due to the unique shape of the roof. Four waters roofs not only have two crossed triangles and two polygons but they also have an additional section of the roof (or union) known as “hoya line.”  This piece connects the two roofs, keeping the hipped roof design.

Semi hipped

The semi hipped roof looks exactly like the simple four waters roof on the two longer sides, with projections on each. Although it differs from the two smaller sides, it looks more like a gabled style roof. The two shorter sides of this style of roof offer protection against rain. The semi hipped roofs and other hipped roofs have some common disadvantages: they offer less space in the attic and make it harder for repair because maneuvering is in a tight area.