Alternative ideas for fences

All fences have the main function of dividing areas, however, they can differ greatly when you consider them as decorative elements for your garden. Alternative materials to build fences such as recycled bottles and wooden boards, are cheap and generally represent environmentally friendly choices. Using common materials also allows you to express your creativity and artistic qualities.


Pallets are made ​​of treated wood and offer an alternative ecological material to build a fence because they are usually burned or thrown into landfills. They are also a cheaper option since you can probably get them at no cost.  According to the internet site “Self-Sufficient,” you can build a fence simply by attaching the pallets with nails or dismantling pallets and using separate boards.

Plastic or glass bottles

Build a fence using empty bottles by binding them together horizontally or vertically with wire or other material. For a fortified fence, you can use fuse glass bottles together with cement, to give the look of a wine cellar. According to the website “Gardening Tips ‘n’ Ideas,” you can create designs if you have glass bottles of different colors or use pigmented cement. The side of the fence that shows the necks of the bottles can be used for hanging potted plants or other decorative materials.


Build a modern-style fence using bamboo poles, which are quite strong, accessible and have become harmful vegetation in many areas. If you do not have time, or inclination, to tie poles to form a curtain of bamboo, you can buy them ready-made in garden stores.