How to Decorate Your Home

Decorating a room requires creativity and art. Luckily, there are many blogs, magazines and books available to help you navigate the world of home decoration.

Select your decorating style

Choose your style before you start. You can adapt your decor and do your research based on one of these common styles in a mixture of several.

  • The French and American rural rustic styles use accessories with an emphasis on natural or painted wood. The furniture and accessories are worn, but you can use white, pastel colors, or more vibrant reds.
  • Unlike most styles, the minimalist decorator wants a clean space with few focal points. The design of the furniture is more important, because a stylish chair or table, serve as art center.
  • Retro or classic. With this style, you will be looking after old furniture of any decade you prefer. You can try the kitsch of the gilded coffered 60’so use centenarians. Chances are, your classic shopping will be more expensive to replicate earlier times.
  • Takes the minimalist style and add some comfortable details. Choose one bright color for the room and one or two walls may have art exhibits.
  • Use carpets, rugs, vases and details like Scandinavian, Asian, African or American. A room that is decorated with cultural style will intrigue your guests.
  • If you like classic style, you probably like the white, black and gray with touches of color. Use traditional lamps and well-made textiles to give a feeling of luxury.

You can find blogs, books and magazines that represent your style or you can get a library card and look after design and decorating books at your local library.

Plan a new decor

  • Decide your budget. If you plan to replace your furniture, carpets and paint the walls, be sure to set aside at least $ 1,000 per room. If you do a superficial decoration, you can have a lower budget like $ 100 – $ 500.
  • Choose a tool to design rooms. Thanks to smartphones and tablets, you can find an application or website to take the guesswork out of decorating a room.
  • List the things you need to buy for the area that will decorate. Write “budget” to the side of the objects you want to keep on a low budget and place “investment” for furniture, art and high quality paint where you want splurge.
  • Be artistic. If you like working on home projects, you can decorate the curtains, pillows or paint to use your used furniture. You’ll save money and decor will feel unique.

Follow a decoration process

First, decide the color of the paintings. There are some general rules you should follow when choosing paint wall and ceiling.

  • Use white or whitish color, if you want the room look bigger and brighter.
  • Try to accentuate a wall.If you want to display a fireplace wall, a piece of art or furniture, paint it a different color.
  • Use wallpaper instead of paint, if you want a design in your room.You can use wallpaper only to accentuate a wall or the entire room. Remember that painting or wallpapering the entire room can make it appear smaller.

Choose the ground. Replace the carpet or placing wooden or laminate flooring is a great job. Consider hiring professionals to make sure it is done correctly.

  • Laminate flooring looks like hardwood, but is much less expensive and easier to install.
  • Consider a carpet in a area; whether you like wood or carpet, a large carpet instantly changes the look of a room.You can also protect the soil in high traffic areas.
  • Go to a home improvement store such as Home Depot.Choose the type of carpet you like and ask them to do the finishing touches. You can customize your small rug at half the price.
  • Do not exaggerate.If you decide to paint the walls a different color or white if using wallpaper, you should consider choosing a neutral floor.

Buy furniture. If possible, put extra time and money on furniture pieces, like a chair, a chair or a dining table. These can be “investment pieces” that will add comfort and style to the room.

Choose accessories. Pillows, rugs, curtains, ottomans, wine racks and trinkets are your final step. Use shelves or hanging mirrors if you want your space look larger mirrors.

  • Add a floor lamp to add a little ambient light. You can find them in stores like Ikea and Pottery Barn and Home Depot.
  • Keep your favorite vase filled with fresh flowers or false. Like any other decoration, flower arrangements can be made in almost any decor.

Start small and make changes over time. You can always add more. The decor is a process that is best done over time, rather than all at once.