Dream Projects Coming to Life: Your Very Own Outdoor Shower

Looking for a unique and fun summer project to make your home a bit more unique? Why not consider an outdoor shower. As staple of beach houses and lakeside retreats, an outdoor shower is just the project to kick your summer into high gear.

It’s actually easier than you might think.

First, make sure your home and property allows for such a project. Some people’s yards and the layout of their homes’ exterior simply won’t allow for it. But if your home allows such freedom, it’s a great way to add a flair of fun to your home.

Here are some things to consider before getting started:

Where’s the Water Go?

Will local building codes bring up any drainage issues?

Is your property connected to a septic or dry-well system?

What Will It Be Built From?

You’ll want to use a material that is naturally found outdoors and can stand up against a storm. Therefore, think wood and stone before you think tile and porcelain.

Creating Your Outdoor Shower

Be contentious of cost. There’s no reason an outdoor shower should cost much more than having an indoor shower installed. Keep this in mind when you speak to contractors or builders when you are planning out your project.

Be practical. Sure, an outdoor shower is a fun addition, but think about the logistics: make sure there is a placed for keeping dry towels, hooks for hanging clothes, and areas to store shampoo and soap.

Outdoor showers are one of those accessories that people always think about but never follow through on. But coming in at a surprisingly low price and fairly simple for just about anyone in construction that has ever dealt with a bathroom, the reality of an outdoor shower on your property could be closer than you think.