Remove Stains from Garage Floor

The garage can sometimes be the most neglected part of the house. But that doesn’t mean that it needs to go unnoticed when the garage floor starts to collect stains. Most people assume that cleaning stains from a garage floor is difficult and that’s why many of them go untended to.

But cleaning the garage floor is easier than you might think, no matter what type of stain you’re dealing with.

For oil and grease stains all it takes is mixing a cup of water with one ounce of trisodium phosphate and a cup of absorbent material. This creates a paste that you can then lather on the stain and leave until it dries. The paste draws the stain away from the concrete. Once the paste has dried completely, you can scrape it up. The stain will be gone and your floor will look as good as new. If the stain has been there for a while and has really set in, it could take three of four solid applications to fully remove it.

To remove paint stains you will also be using a paste that you can create with paont stripper and the absorbent material of your choice. Layer this paste over the paint stain and let it sit for half an hour or so. When removing paint this way, make sure the garage door is open and the area is ventilated, as the chemical in the stripper can often be harmful.

Not that if you use a low-impact, safer paint stripper, you may need to let the paste sit on the stain for two or three hours to get the full effect.

You can remove rust stains with a ¼ cup of muriatic acid mixed with two cups of water. The solution will dissolve the primary layer of stain. Just be sure to apply a thin layer, as too much acid can easily blemish your concrete.

No matter what sort of stain you’re cleaning, be sure to use the proper safety precautions.