Common types of fences

If you are thinking of fencing your yard in, you may be wondering about the options that you have. This article will explain some of the common types of fences you can use to fence your property.


Wood fencing is one of the most popular types of fencing and is better at providing privacy than security. They are best used in suburban neighbourhoods and are great ways to set boundaries for pets and children. The two common types of wood fences are wood panel fencing and split rail fencing. Wood panel fencing comes pre fabricated in 6 feet or 8 feet sections that are 4 to 6 feet tall. Split rail fencing gives a country or rustic look to your property and is a great way to create visible boundaries.


Vinyl fencing has many advantages over wood in that it does not rot, fade and is extremely resistant to the elements. It also comes in a variety of colors and textures which makes it easy to find the product that fits your property the best. The panels are also rackable and can be used on slopes on your property. They require very little maintenance and are one of the more affordable options available.

Chain link

Chain link fencing is one of the cheapest ways to fence in your property. It is great for keeping pets in and unwanted pests out. It is usually made from galvanized steel which are linked to terminal posts that are set in concrete. You can buy chain link on rolls of 50 feet which can be found in heights of 3 to 12 feet. There are also rolls available of vinyl coated chain link that comes in green or black and is more resistant to the elements.

Decorative metal

Metal fences are also available that mimic the appearance of wrought iron but are made of steel or aluminium that has been powder coated. They come in a range of styles and are prefabricated which make this kind of fencing easy to install. They are also very resistant to wear and tear and are durable.

A professional can advice you on the choices available to you and the costs associated with each option. While some fences can be easily installed at home, some will require professional installation to make sure that it is sturdy and fulfils the needs of the property.