Tips for decorating a child’s bedroom

If you are thinking of giving your child’s bedroom a makeover, you may be struggling to come up with fun ideas. Here are some tips that you can use in your home to decorate your child’s bedroom.

Use decals

Decals are a quick and convenient way of changing the look of the room. You can find decals that are peel-and-stick that make them very easy to install. With the huge variety of readymade decals available and ones you can order made just for you, there is no shortage of designs and ideas. Use your child’s favourite sports team or cartoon character as a source of inspiration if you are finding it hard to start. It is also a great idea in rented spaces where painting is not an option as decals can be removed easily. Children also grow out of fandom, so decals are a great way to create temporary decorations.

Create zones

A child can lose attention on a particular task pretty easily, so if you put the play area with the study zone, there will be very little studying done. Instead create zones in different areas and corners of the room. You can put a desk and bookshelf in one corner and the toys and play area in another. Make sure there is comfortable furniture in each area and no distractions in the study area.

Make shelving more open

Children are great at creating messes so you should make it as easy as possible for them to organize and put away their things. Open shelves take away a layer of work needed to put things away as the shelves can be accessed easily and they can put their toys away quickly after they are done with them instead of having them laying around. Use bins in the shelves to create more division if your child is up to it.

Create areas for children even when they are sharing a room

Just because you have two children sharing a room does not mean that they will share the same interests. Do not go for a theme just because you prize symmetry. Create areas with things that each child likes and keep them separate so that each feels like they have their own personal area. You may even consider using dividers between to room to have them be able to create a more personal area for themselves.

Ask an interior decorator for more ideas and keep your eyes out for things that your children like or hate about their rooms.