Deck Maintenance and Repair

Homeowners often like to spend some time outside enjoying their backyard. Many homes also have some sort of deck that permits people to sit outside when the weather permits them to do so. Sometimes these backyard decks are covered. Whether they are or not, over time the wood will become weathered and worn if it is not protected properly.

Many homeowners choose to protect the wood with some sort of sealant. This prevents the water from damaging the wood and causing wood rot. Sealants come in various colors. There are clear sealants and some that are colored.

Before any sealant is applied to an existing deck it is important to have it power washed. Using a power washer on the deck will blast away any dirt and debris. If you think that this step is unimportant and you proceed to stain your deck without power washing, you could be possibly trapping in dirt and debris.

Therefore, it is important that either you power wash the deck yourself or you hire a company that offers this service.

Another important factor in deck maintenance and repair is to check to see if any of your deck boards are loose and bouncy. If you should happen to come across any boards that are bouncy, they should be repaired as soon as possible.

This bouncy effect is created by the wood expanding and contracting. This is usually cause by changes in the outdoor temperature as well as the age of the wood. Support beams that hold up the deck should also be checked for damage at regular intervals. Repairing a bouncy deck often means either you or a company that offers deck repair getting under the deck to check the joists and use a technique called blocking to add additional security to your bouncy deck.

A company that specializes in deck maintenance and deck repair will replace any rotten boards that they may find. Once the blocking is complete, and the rotted boards have been replaced, you and your family can go back to enjoying your backyard deck without any fear of bouncing boards.

Checking your deck for any changes throughout the year is also an important part of home maintenance. Failure to check a backyard deck for damages or overall wear and tear can result in injury to yourself or someone else. If you do not have the skills to repair your deck yourself, choose a company that offers this service in your local vicinity.