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How to Unclog Hair from a Drain

Fallen hair can easily build in the shower drain, especially if you have long hair. As the drain becomes clogged with your fallen locks, you will notice a significant change in how quickly the water drains out of the tub basin. Over time, the buildup can become so extreme that the water simply will not […]

Preparing for a Home Inspection

Home sellers have an easier time by preparing for a home inspection in advance. Getting ready for a home inspection helps to prevent future problems, and prevention can stop surprises. The last thing a seller needs is for a home inspector to break a fixture or cause damage because the seller was ill-prepared. Some local […]

Creative Ideas to Decorate Your Kitchen

Eating is a primary physiological need of the body. Eating well (tasting dishes or delicious foods) is a must of the soul, of the mind. Gastronomy is an art (for many it’s a favorite art) and the workshop where it is made, the studio where it is created, is the kitchen. There is a lot […]

The Right Lighting for Your Home

The living room is used in all kinds of ways. The family comes together, possibly with guests. You want to be able to relax with a book and the children want to play there. The lighting must meet all these functions, in a combination of basic lighting (ie ceiling spotlights or ceiling lighting), mood lighting […]

Inspecting Laminate Flooring for Water Damage

Laminate flooring is most often associated with the Pergo brand of flooring and usually mimics the appearance of solid wood or engineered floors. Although laminates typically carry a 15 year warranty against discoloration and stains, they usually do not offer this type of warranty against water damage. To inspect the floor for damage caused by […]

Creating Hidden Storage in Your Home

Create hidden areas within you home to use for additional storage to hide valuables or extra private rooms. While it may seem like a daunting task at first, you may be surprised how much “hidden space” is actually in your home, as the unused space under the stairs or between  kitchen cabinets. Be creative with […]

Safety Tips for Storing Gasoline

Gas occupies much of our lives every day from driving a car to mowing the lawn. Gasoline is usually only used for its intended purpose and must only be stored in your home when there is no alternative. If you need to store gasoline, takes precautions to do so in a safe and responsible manner. […]

Painting Metal Shelves

Some may think that since metal materials are smooth and non-porous that painting them may be complicated but, with proper preparation, painting metal is very similar to painting anything else. To paint metal shelves, the first thing to consider is whether the shelves are inside or outside, as this will affect the type of paint […]