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Five Ways to Improve Air Quality in Your Home

Go natural for household products Conventional cleaning products are filled with toxic ingredients and endocrine disruptors. While we think they’ve done well by polishing every corner of the house, they leave harmful particles in the air that can harm our health. To avoid this, choose home-made or products with a minimal number of ingredients: baking […]

Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

When you live in a small house or apartment, you have to find creative ways to store items, all while maintaining a clean and tidy home. No need to spend a small fortune on specific items to store your belongings. A little imagination and creativity can make the difference between a room that offers plenty […]

Ideas for Painting a Dining Room Table and Chairs

Scratched or worn dining tables and chairs can be a valuable discovery at a garage sale. By refinishing and updating the surface, an old dining set can become great dining furniture. Before selling your current dining room furniture, consider resurfacing it and adding a modern look to the room without the cost of purchasing a […]

What to Do When Ceiling Paint Starts to Flake Off

When you see that paint on the ceiling has begun to flake off, you must act quickly to find the cause and remedy possible problems with the house. To restore the ceiling you must go through multiple steps, including the removal of old paint and restoration of the ceiling surface. Check for moisture Chipping paint […]

Making Paint Remover with Baking Soda

Removing the paint off an object is never a pleasant task. Chemical paint removers are foul-smelling and can easily overwhelm you if not used in a well-ventilated room. Fortunately, baking soda, which is sold in many grocery stores is strong enough to remove paint. Baking soda, also known as sodium carbonate, is similar to sodium […]

Preventing Plumbing Issues in Your Home

Damage to personal property as a result of a plumbing-related incident can be covered by your homeowners or renters insurance, but the repair cost of the pipeline that caused the damage is very likely not covered by the insurance. Proper maintenance of drains and other plumbing features can help prevent plumbing problems in the home. […]

Tricks to Adding More Natural Light to a Room

Studies have shown that 70% of us have too little light in our home. At the same time, 40% of our total energy consumption goes to heating, ventilation and lighting in our homes. Sunlight can get you in a better mood and make your home more welcoming while lightening your energy bill. In other words, […]

Unclogging a Washing Machine Drain

Unclogging a drain from the washing machine depends on where the blockage is in the line. If the drain is backing up with water where the drain hose fits into the drain line of the house, call a plumber. This means the clog is inside the main drain pipe in the home and requires a […]

5 Golden Tips to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Your home is the place where you feel safe, however, we often overlook an important security element: air quality. Contaminated air in the house affects your mood and even your health. And in our hyper-insulated houses that bad air cannot escape. The question therefore arises: how do you improve the air quality at home? A […]

7 Tips to Improve the Safety of your Home

Living with tranquility and security in our house is the maximum investment we can make in it. Therefore, it is important to know that prevention is the true form of home security. In this post we recommend seven tips to keep in mind to maintain the safety of your home: The doors are a key […]