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The Importance of Cleaning Gutters

The gutters of your home are a very important part of the general structure of the house, because they prevent the water during the rainy season from stagnating on the roofs and walls. The rain gutters collect rainwater and avoid annoying splashes on the terrace and prevents the facade from getting dirty. It is a […]

Organic Landscaping Tips to Try at Home

The sun has made its first appearance for the year. Which means it’s time to walk in the park, sit in the grass, and have a picnic. Design local landscapes When you’re designing a new landscape, first analyze your site and soil and select the most suitable trees and plants for the location. The ideal […]

How to Remove Paint Stains from Clothes

Removing paint stains from clothes is not an easy task and may even seem almost impossible to achieve. Although these spots can be very rebellious if not treated in time, if this situation happens you should not throw your clothes in the trash. Here are some tips so you can learn how to remove paint […]

Patio Lighting Ideas

Patio lighting is all about creating atmosphere. “Think of the lighting at McDonald’s,” says TJ Wilcoxson of Alexon Design Group in Gilbert, AZ. “They purposely light it that way to encourage customers to leave as soon as they’re done eating. Now imagine the lighting at your favorite Italian restaurant. It’s romantic, it sets the scene. […]

Landscaping Tips for Large Commercial Spaces

Ample outdoor space is a hot commodity. As a business owner, it gives you the chance to spread out, expand, and get more out of your property—not to mention, it looks pretty good, too! All that space comes with a need for mindful space management: ways to seamlessly improve the look and flow of your […]

Install Gutters with Nails or Screws?

Gutter to nail Dean Johnson of Time Home suggests that gutters be driven “in the rafters and under the tiles so that the nail head is not exposed.” It also suggests that roofing cement be applied around the head of the nail to prevent leaks and for cement around the raised tiles to prevent it […]

Cleaning Paint Brushes and Rollers

Brushes, pads and rollers should be cleaned immediately after use to last as long as possible without spoiling. In fact, brushes improve over time and provide a smoother finish if they have been properly cleaned and stored. During short periods, for example to go to eat or at night, some utensils can be stored without […]

Types of Weeping Willow Trees

The willow genus (Salix spp.) is composed of a wide variety of deciduous trees and shrubs commonly grown in the garden of your home as ornamental plants. The weeping willow (Salix Babylonia) is a particularly common species of willow that features a weeping, cascading branch. Numerous weeping willow cultivars and hybrids are available at nurseries. […]

How Much Does a Paver Patio Cost?

Clay bricks or cobblestones are still one of the most durable types of outdoor accessories for your home. When properly installed, a paver patio will last a lifetime, which guarantees the value of your home, as well as your enjoyment in the years to come. A number of factors that can influence the price of […]