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Basement Flooring Ideas

A basement floor must withstand a lot of wear and tear, especially if it’s used as a family room. The floor’s durability is also important because moisture can cause it to deteriorate over time. Laminate flooring is a good choice for a basement, but it requires a foam underlayment that protects against moisture. For a […]

Plants to Use for Privacy

Create a fence-like privacy screen with plants that look great and are more sustainable than a traditional fence. Gardening pros share their favorite plants to use for privacy, including shrubs and vines. Green Giant arborvitae grows up to 5 feet per year and provides a dense way to block out neighbors and noise. It does […]

How to Pick Out Bricks for a Patio

Brick is a durable material that lends itself to a wide variety of patio designs. However, there are several considerations homeowners should take into account when choosing the color, laying pattern and layout of their new brick patio. Avoid matching your brick patio to the home’s siding; doing so can quickly overwhelm the outdoor space […]

Tile Ideas for Your Shower

Elevate your shower with a boldly shaped tile that adds visual interest and provides traction. Try a herringbone pattern, like the one shown here, or experiment with alternating shapes and sizes, like penny rounds and small hexagons. Large-format tiles are becoming an envied focal point for bathrooms. Play with tile layouts that use these larger […]

How to Remove Wallpaper

The first step in removing wallpaper is to apply an agent that dissolves the glue. You can purchase a commercial wallpaper stripper, or you can use an ingredient from your pantry. A vinegar solution works well, explains Cecil Snider, an expert on painting and wallpaper. He suggests pouring the solution into a spray bottle and […]

Spring Home Clean Up List

Spring cleaning is a time to breathe new life into your home. Use this comprehensive checklist to help get the job done. Clean floors – Sweep or vacuum. Mop hardwood or tile floors for a fresh finish. Check smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries, and replace if necessary. Purge pantry, refrigerator and shelving – throw […]

Shower Upgrades to Add to Your Bathroom in 2024

Shower upgrades are one of the most popular renovations for transforming bathrooms into spa-like sanctuaries. Think expanding the shower area, adding built-in nooks and seating, and installing multiple shower heads with body sprays. Homeowners are also incorporating natural materials and earth tones into their bathroom designs. Other popular choices include terrazzo, reclaimed wood and concrete. […]

What is Recessed Lighting and What are its Benefits?

Recessed lighting is a unique way to highlight features of your home. From a bookshelf full of your favorite novels to an antique piece of furniture, these lights can really make them stand out. The most visible part of a recessed light is the trim, which is available in a broad variety of styles and […]

Ideas to Turn Your Basement into a Game Room

Turn your basement into a game room that the entire family will love. Start by creating a plan for what games will fit in the space. Avoid over-packing, as table games like air hockey or foosball need 3 to 4 feet of space around them to be fun. Incorporate gaming memorabilia and framed art into […]

How to Pick Shutter Color For Your Home

The shutter color you choose plays a major role in the impression your home makes. The right color will complement or contrast the colors already showcased on your house, and create a cohesive look for your entire exterior palette. White and colors in the same tonal family are foolproof options for light home exteriors, and […]