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Electrical Jobs a Handyman Can Do

Electrical wiring is tricky. It requires a lot of skill to install correctly and follow safety protocols. For some types of electrical jobs in the home, a qualified electrician should be called in. This includes notifiable electricity work such as replacing outlets or plug sockets, which must be carried out to regulated standards. Upgrading Electrical […]

How to Make Your Basement Into a Workout Room

A basement is a great place to turn into your own personal gym. If you want to make it feel like a gym that you will actually use, start by decluttering the space and adding some visual perks. Organize the Space If you’re converting your basement into a workout room, the first step is to […]

Enhancements to Add to Your Bathroom

A well-lit bathroom is an easy and quick cosmetic upgrade. Swapping out dated lighting fixtures for new ones brightens the space and adds style. Adding framed artwork elevates the look of any room and the bathroom is no exception. Hanging eucalyptus leaves in the shower is not only an easy upgrade but also infuses the […]

How to Know if a Tree Needs to Come Down

While many homeowners, DIYers, and caretakers hate to say goodbye to a beloved tree, there comes a time when the benefits a tree provides outweigh the risks. When is that time? To help you, we’ve gathered the most common warning signs that it may be time to cut down a tree on your property. Dead […]

Ideas to Resurface Your Fireplace

Brick and stone fireplaces can become an eyesore when soot and stains accumulate over the years. But upgrading the hearth can add style to a living room and also make it easier to clean. Some refacing materials, like tile and stone slabs, can be installed directly on the existing material; others require cement boards to […]

Is it Better to Refinish Cabinets Or Buy New Ones?

Cabinet refinishing uses what you have already, which reduces your environmental impact. It’s also less expensive than replacing cabinets. However, refinishing isn’t the right solution for everyone. If your cabinets aren’t working for you or have structural damage, it would be better to replace them. A consultation with a professional can help you determine the […]

How to Design a Walk-in Closet

Stylish storage solutions and design elements turn walk-in closets into a chic dressing area. Open cubbies, baskets, and cabinet storage help to organize clothing, shoes, and extra items like purses. To increase storage capacity, hangers should be located around 40 and 80″ on a vertical wall. Placing rods at these heights allows you to double […]

Using Your Backsplash to Add Accent to Your Kitchen

Backsplashes protect kitchen walls from splashes and spills, but that doesn’t mean they have to be bland or boring. Rather than being a functional part of your kitchen, backsplashes can be an eye-catching accent that showcases your personal style. If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen backsplash, consider these innovative ideas that add a creative […]

Design Ideas For Outdoor Firepits

When creating an outdoor fire pit, it’s important to keep flow and function in mind. A Southwestern motif helps this space feel like a cozy backyard escape. Decorative planters, Aztec-printed rugs and corten steel accents unite hardscape materials and create a pleasing variety in color tones. Cinder Block Designs Cinder block fire pits are a […]

What to Do If an Animal Gets in Your Chimney

Animals in chimneys can carry diseases that are dangerous for humans, including rabies. They also can cause a lung disease called histoplasmosis. The first thing to do if an animal gets in your chimney is identify what type of animal it is. You can do this by listening to it chirp, squawk, flap, sniff, or […]