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Tips for Detecting Water Leaks

In any home, silent water leaks are a serious problem. A pipe or toilet leaking are obvious faults, but sometimes there are leaks difficult to detect that cause damage to the property, in addition to wasting large amounts of water. When you are sure that there is a water leak, you will have to detect […]

Safety Issues with Chimneys in Old Houses

Chimneys in houses built many decades ago were built with different requirements than today’s, which sometimes means that safety is a concern. Any chimneys built prior to the 1950s were almost certainly masonry or block chimneys. The most common problem with old houses is that the chimneys aren’t lined, since that wasn’t a requirement when […]

Painting Metal with an Air Gun

Painting metal the conventional way with a brush or roller often turns out to be a troublesome task. This is because the brushes and rollers leave streaks on the metal or can transfer too much paint. You can avoid this problem and make the task much easier using an air gun, or spray gun.  The […]

Getting Clogged Hair Out of a Drain

How many times have you gotten into the shower and, minutes later, after the routine of washing your hair, you have found yourself submerged in 10 cm of water that your drain does not manage to drain? This is caused by the hairs that fall and accumulate forcing a clog in the valve of the […]

Building a Fishing Rod Storage Rack

Fishing is a recreational sport people tend to engage in. It requires a lot of learning and has an easy learning curve. For this reason, more and more people take on the sport of fishing. The problem with fishing equipment is that it can easily damage and break. In fact, if you don’t have a […]

Tips To Properly Deal With Water Damage

If you experience water damage at home, what do you do? A simple water damage issue can cost thousands of dollars worth of damage to properties and personal belongings if taken for granted. Here are a few tips that can greatly help you deal with water damage regardless of what causes it. Water is undeniably […]

Paint Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Most homes have at least one small bathroom. There are many ideas to paint small bathrooms; some are as simple as choosing a suitable color and paint the entire bathroom that color, while others may be more challenging, involving different colors and styles. Instructions Choose a light paint color. Light colors make your bathroom look […]

How to Make a Wooden Spice Rack

A wooden wall shelf is a great way to keep all your spices away from your countertops and save the main storage space for more important items. Make yourself a wooden spice rack with unique and customized features such as painted wood. It gives a new size to the width and depth of the shelves […]

Water Resistant Paints

There are various types of paints that withstand water, to be used for basement walls or constant immersion. Find a paint that is water repellent or waterproof. The kind of paint you choose will depend on the type of work you’re doing and the surface on which you will apply. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for […]

How to Clean a Washing Machine Drain

The washing machine starts to empty and suddenly you hear the sound of moving water and the floor is covered in seconds. After turning off the washing machine, you see water coming out of the appliance drain. Are you familiar? The drain pipe may get clogged with pieces of cloth, coins and other debris. A […]