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Cleaning a Drain with Vinegar and Baking Soda

Would you like to know a home remedy to clean the drain of your house without using toxic products? The mixture of vinegar and sodium bicarbonate, or baking soda, is a solution. Here we’ll explain how to do it. Cleaning the house can be fun or it can become an extremely stressful operation. Few men […]

How to Hide an Unused Door

Although most of the doors of a home are usually functional and easy access to rooms or storage spaces, there may be situations where the door does not lead anywhere. For example, it may be a small door leading to shower plumbing. When you have an unused door, you may want to hide it from […]

A Residential Plumbing Guide

Residential plumbing or home plumbing can present serious difficulties if you ignore signs of problems for a long time. For example, you may have trouble deciding when to tackle a job yourself or call a professional. Understanding how your home plumbing system works can help you save time and money. Purpose The main purpose of […]

Questions & Answers About Home Inspections

What is a home inspection? An inspection is a visual objective examination of the physical structure and systems of a home, from the roof to the foundation. What does a home inspection cover? The standard housing inspector’s report will cover the condition of house, heating system, central air conditioning system (temperature permitting), plumbing and electrical […]

What to Consider Before Signing a Lease

Signing the lease of a house or apartment for rent is an agreement that needs to be carefully reviewed before you make the leap. Read the lease thoroughly before you sign it. Not all leases are the same, so it is important to look over each section of the lease every time you rent and […]

Five Inexpensive Ideas to Decorate Your Bedroom

Use storage for clean decor Some beautiful colored baskets arranged throughout your bedroom are perfect to help keep things in order! Your decor will be cleaner and dust will be easier to eliminate which is a good thing, especially if you are sensitive to mites. Do you have a lot of things? Feel free to […]

What to do When Ceiling Paint Starts to Flake

When you see that paint on your ceiling has begun to flake off, you must act quickly to find the cause and remedy possible problems with the house. To restore the ceiling, you must go through multiple steps, including the removal of old paint and restoration of the ceiling surface. Check for moisture Chipping paint […]

Preventative Measures to Keep Your Home Fire Safe

Every year the fire department receives thousands of reports of house fires. Sometimes there is only material damage, but every year there are hundreds of wounded and dozens of deaths. Fire can be prevented, but you have to take measures. Together with the fire department we provide you wir=th tips on how you can prevent […]

Home Insurance Coverage for Technology

Home insurances serve to cope with the most varied unforeseen events. The most common coverages include water damage, broken glass and sanitary appliances, as well as expenses caused by fire or atmospheric phenomena. Those that are less known by the general public are the coverage of home insurance for new technologies. Times are advancing and […]