Trends in Granite Counter Colors for 2024

In a kitchen or bathroom renovation, countertops are one of the most important design elements. Choosing the right color and style can elevate the aesthetic of a room.

Whether you’re looking for an elegant white countertop or something with more dramatic appeal, granite is a durable and timeless choice. The professionals at Handyman On Call can point you in the right direction and help you find the right match for your design style.

Darker Tones

As homeowners become more adventurous with their kitchen color schemes, white countertops are still popular but are starting to make way for a more vibrant and diverse palette. There is also a shift away from stark, minimalist styles to kitchens that are complimented by warmer tones of brown or gold.

If you’re a homeowner looking for a versatile design, consider Coffee Brown granite countertops. This stone is a rich mix of brown tones that will complement any cabinet finish. This warm natural stone will complement wood and cream cabinets and provide a neutral backdrop for a bolder backsplash or decorative accents.

For a more dramatic look, choose Nordic Black granite countertops. This dark granite possesses an elegance that is both timeless and contemporary. Distinguished by its expansive mineral structures and deep veining, this dramatic granite countertop is a statement maker that works well with light or dark cabinets including wood and metal, and it pairs beautifully with gold fixtures. Black granite countertop colors are also available in several veining options, so you can find the perfect match for your home.

Blues and Greens

Granite countertops have always been a desirable kitchen accent due to their durability and heat resistance. These natural stone surfaces also boast a unique aesthetic, complementing both traditional and contemporary decor styles. In 2024, homeowners can expect to see a range of new hues and patterns that elevate their kitchens.

Blue and green granite countertops have been a growing trend in recent years. These natural stones evoke the feeling of the sea and are perfect for brightening kitchen spaces. If you are a nature lover, consider Blue Pearl granite, which features a variety of blue flecks and veins that resemble short brush marks.

Peacock green granite counters, for example, boast dramatic blue veining that creates a bold and striking appearance in any kitchen. This counter color can be paired with light or dark cabinetry for an elegant and sophisticated look. It can even be combined with white cabinets for a bright and airy kitchen environment.

Another popular granite countertop color is Brass Blue. This option features a cool blue backdrop that showcases gold and copper flecks. This neutral hue pairs well with a variety of other finishes, including brass home accessories and kitchen fixtures. Brass Blue also compliments darker cabinetry for a moodier kitchen aesthetic.

While all-white kitchens continue to be a popular design trend, there is a shift towards countertops that are complimented by warmer tones of brown and gold. For instance, a white or cream granite countertop can be paired with wooden cupboards and flooring stools for a warm and inviting ambiance. White granite can also be paired with gold hardware and lighting fixtures for a more elegant look.

For homeowners who are seeking a subtle and classic granite countertop, there is also Alaska Granite. This material features a soft white background with delicate gray and brown speckles. Its subtle and refined aesthetic blends seamlessly with a wide range of interior design styles. It is also a great choice for high-traffic areas due to its durability and resistance to stains.

Gold and Lighter Shades

Granite countertops are the perfect finishing touch to any kitchen. They add warmth and character to a room and can enhance your home’s resale value. However, it’s important to choose a color that complements your style and suits the overall aesthetic of the space.

If you prefer a more serene look, go with Silestone Le Chic or Wilsonart Coastal. These neutral tans pair beautifully with a wide range of kitchen color schemes. With a hint of gray and a subtle beachy vibe, they will work well with traditional wood decor and plant-filled windows. For homeowners who anticipate moving soon, a neutral tan like Cambria Baybridge or Wilsonart Coastal will open up the possibilities for future homeowners as well.

If you are looking for a light granite counter, consider Alaska White or Colonial White. Both of these stones contain denser amounts of onyx than standard white granite, so they have more dramatic patterns. They also have a creamy white background that works well with light-colored kitchen cabinets.

For a more dramatic and exotic look, try Namibian Gold granite. This dramatic stone has stunning flecks of color that mimic the colors of the Nambian desert. Its arid palette blends well with warm creams and browns, so it can be used in conventional spacious kitchens or complement rustic environments inspired by arid plains and shifting desert dunes. The rich desert hues of this beautiful granite are enhanced by honed, leathered, and polished finishes.