Removing Paint from Painted Iron

There are two types of black iron used in homes: cast iron and wrought iron. The first is used to make kitchen appliances, such as stoves and facades. The second can be used in architectural elements and stairs, stair railings and balconies. Since both types of iron can be found in your home, they are likely to receive spots or splashes of paint. Fortunately, removing these stains is very simple.


  1. Cover the areas around the iron object with a tarp to protect the floor in case of splashes. If you’re working on architectural elements such as wrought iron railings, you must attach plastic sheeting to the walls with masking tape to protect these surfaces while you work on the iron.
  2. Get full personal safety equipment: gloves, breathing mask, safety goggles and protective clothing. The solvent used is a caustic liquid that can burn the skin and irritate the eyes and lungs. Protective clothing can prevent irritation if fluid comes in contact with the face or body. You can buy these in most hardware stores or home improvement stores.
  3. Soak a cleaning cloth or applicator with solvent following the instructions on the product label. Then rub the liquid on the stain or coat of paint on the iron surface you want to delete. Cover the surface you just cleaned with a plastic sheet to prevent the solvent from evaporating.
  4. With the help of a scraper, scrape the loosened paint through the solvent. Use a wire brush to remove paint from cracks and crevices.
  5. Clean the area you just removed paint from with mineral turpentine and let it dry.

Tips & Warning

  • To prevent corrosion of the surface, it may be necessary to paint the black iron that is now exposed.