How to Build Corner Shelves

Corner shelves provide a good solution for the storage of objects to display or hold, such as towels or plants. When you build these shelves, you can make them as elaborate or simple as you’d like. Joining the shelves directly to the wall is probably the easiest way to do it.


  1. Cut a section of wood into a triangle and keep firm on the corner where you want to go your shelf.
  2. Place your conveyor so that the ends are nearby. Run the tip side of the wall and pencil on wood. This will transfer the shape of the timber wall, so that you can build a shelf corner that fits perfectly.
  3. Use a saw to cut along the line you drew in pencil. Gently sanding the edges of the shelf.
  4. Paint or stain your corner shelves as you like.
  5. Screw support pieces of wood to the corner where you want to install your shelf. Paint them the same color as the wall so that once you have installed the corner shelves they “disappear.”
  6. Keep the shelf in place and drill from the bottom of the supports and through the bottom of the shelf to secure it in place.
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