Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

When you live in a small house or apartment, you have to find creative ways to store items, all while maintaining a clean and tidy home. No need to spend a small fortune on specific items to store your belongings. A little imagination and creativity can make the difference between a room that offers plenty of storage space and is completely organized.


Use extra floor space under the tables of your home. You can stack boxes, books or any other object that fits under your tables. Purchase attractive and decorative fabrics and glue with hot glue to your tables to form a valance. Your guests will not realize that these attractive tables have a dual purpose, of course, unless you tell them.


Buy furniture containing drawers and doors dedicated to storage. Entertainment centers, bookcases and all those large pieces of furniture should include drawers or shelves for your storage needs. Furniture with doors ensures that your items will be well kept. Buy at your local discount stores and garage sales for deals on furniture.

Book stand

The shelves are wonderful solutions for small rooms. Purchase and install shelves for all your small rooms. Place shelves on windows, behind cabinet doors or cover an entire wall with shelves. Place your objects on shelves in an orderly fashion to ensure you have an ordered environment in your room.


Under your bed there is a fair amount of floor space that isn’t typically used. Use this space to store objects. Manufacturers have created a variety of containers specifically created for the purpose of going under a bed. Shoes, sweaters and quilts can fit smoothly under the bed. For added storage benefits, raise your bed frame up and add a long skirt. The skirt will hide all stored objects under your bed.


The cabinets have the extra space that is rarely used. Move small pieces of furniture, such as a cabinet, inside your closet. Paste hooks to the walls of your closet and the inside of the door for hanging belts, ties and lingerie items. Save items you do not use on a daily basis for the upper shelves of your closet or in containers. When you’re considering a storage solution for your wardrobe, consider all the space you do not use and how you can use it.

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