Hanging Heavy Objects on the Wall

Sometimes a task at first glance is easy, like hanging an object on the wall of a room, but can become complicated if you’re not sure how. Hanging, for example, a large mirror can become a problem if you are not quite sure, because it can fall in when least expected and cause damage to the person who is looking at or passing in front of it.

For this reason, you should make sure that the systems for hanging heavy objects hold perfectly throughout, not just one time, but many years. For objects that are particularly heavy, such as murals or mirrors of large dimensions, can be hung in an effective, simple and durable way by using special fittings for hangings.

Types of Hardware

Such grips are metal and may even support up to ninety pounds of weight, and even more. They consist of two distinct parts. One goes into the wall and secures with four resistant screws and anchors. The other part has a projection which is screwed to the object with four screws. You must use two sets of hardware of this style, one on each side of the mirror or object you want to hang, and then engage the projection in the slot.

To perform this task, you need the help of another person in order to avoid accidents. If you want to get extra strength on the walls, it is necessary to use wall anchors. These can be of many types. Some are standard, that holds a lot of weight and are designed for hollow walls and false ceilings. They also can come in metal and chemicals that are the most resistant. For plaster walls, there are special bolts.

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