Storage Ideas for Sewing Patterns

When you organize your sewing patterns, it helps keep your craft area tidy, which gives you easy access to all your patterns. There are numerous options of storage for sewing patterns that fit your space and needs. Arrange patterns by type, size or style before placing them in the place of storage makes it easier to locate the pattern you need when you need it.

Plastic bags

Plastic boxes with lids come in a variety of sizes. This allows you to find one that will fit easily into your patterns. The caps keep dust and other debris away from patterns that remain in good condition. If your storage space is limited, look for plastic bags that fit under the bed. A label on the front of each bag will help identify specific patterns that are stored in each box. This is particularly useful if you have many patterns in different boxes.

Manila envelopes

A manila envelope is a good solution if the envelopes of your patterns are broken or damaged in any way. You can save all the pieces easily in a manila envelope without crumpling or try to bend it exactly straight to save it. Short and holds the images and information from the original pattern. Search manila envelopes with a metal closure in addition to an adhesive strip. This allows you to open and close several times.

File cabinets

A file cabinet gives you an easy way to organize your patterns by style, size or other categories. You will find a wide range of file cabinets that vary in the number of shelves and stability. If you have room for a large cabinet, many office supply stores sell file boxes. They are similar to the plastic boxes with lids. You can use hanging file folders to keep the patterns together.

Plastic bags

Plastic bags with zippers offer another solution for storing patterns. A gallon size (4.5 l) bag is the correct measure to keep the pattern in your envelope along with any notes you have for it. A permanent marker writes easily on the outside of the bag making it easy for you to write identifying information about the pattern found inside.

Boxes of photographs

Cardboard boxes for photographs are an ideal measure for saving patterns. Many stores sell decorative designs making them an attractive storage option sewing patterns. For a custom look, apply the decoupage technique to the outside of the box with decorative paper or pieces of old patterns. This allows you to mark the contents of each box based on the kinds of patterns that are inside. You can also make your own label and attach it to the cardboard box decorated.