living room redesign

The Right Lighting for Your Home

The living room is used in all kinds of ways. The family comes together, possibly with guests. You want to be able to relax with a book and the children want to play there. The lighting must meet all these functions, in a combination of basic lighting (ie ceiling spotlights or ceiling lighting), mood lighting (floor and table lamps) and accent lighting (a reading lamp).

It may sound like an open door, but put the right lamp in the right place. A favorite reading book with a lazy armchair? If you did not put a reading light there, you could be sorry. With floor and table lamps you create atmosphere and such ‘loose’ lamps offer flexibility when you have a nice look with the furniture.  Electrical outlets, sockets, sockets. Really, you cannot have enough of them, otherwise you’re sitting with wires across the floor. You should place fixed lighting such as wall lamps in the living room only where you are sure that nothing will ever change. If you ever wondered why the painting lights are attached to the painting and not on the wall, well, that is why. This way you can at least once again hang a larger or smaller painting on the same spot.

With a grid of (directional) ceiling spots you are also flexible. Dimmers are ideal in a living room, because you can adjust the atmosphere quickly and easily. With some systems you can even pre-program different atmosphere settings. If you have a living room with more than one entrance door, make sure that all lighting can be operated from all doors. Also, connect a number of outlets to the light switches at the door(s). The (atmospheric) lamps that are in these switched sockets, you turn on or off all at once with one action. In the bedroom you can also have a cleverly designed lighting plan before you start with the further design.

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