Seven Ideas to Decorate an Old Home

Old houses have an undeniable charm … So to better decorate and decorate your home, our experts in home staging reveal their secrets.

Paint the walls white to enhance the beams

Beams are common in old houses and they bring a certain charm. It is therefore better to make them apparent by ideally painting the walls of the room in white.

Dare to color in some rooms

In the kitchen or bathroom, for example, do not hesitate to add colorful touches on the walls and furniture, this warms the atmosphere of the house.

Embellish the house with modern decorative touches

Nothing like a subtle blend of modern and old. You can modernize the interior of the house with some decoration. It can be paintings, curtains, furniture or anything else.

Exploit the atypical elements of the house

Beams, an old fireplace, a wall with exposed stones … all of which give character to your home and you should not remove under any circumstances! Instead, highlight them. A little varnish or even a coat of paint on the beams, a good maintenance of the fireplace and a cleaning of the walls will give them a boost!

Hang decorating accessories from the walls

You can also decorate your walls with objects that will give the feeling of warm rooms: tables, photo frames, or mirrors can do the trick. Feel free to choose colorful, while avoiding the shade of the old elements that bring its charm to the house.

Enhance the space with a library

In an old house, the walls are often high and it is sometimes difficult to fill them. So why not consider installing a library? It will allow you to assert the style of your decoration, and bring an additional charm to the house!

Bet on a mezzanine

The mezzanines bring both comfort and an atypical look in a room. In the kitchen, it can be storage, in the living room it can be a quiet reading corner and in the rooms, you can install a bed to maximize space.

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