The Best Way to Clean Oil Paint Stained Brushes

If you have ever done a painting project in your house, then your paint brushes have gotten some good use out of them. Oil-based paint can be difficult to remove from brushes, but if you use the best methods and act quickly, you will be able to clean the brushes without damaging the bristles.


  1. Pour three inches of paint thinner into a metal can, such as an empty coffee can or paint can. Always use gloves to handle paint thinner.
  2. Hold the brush handle and place the paint covered area of the brush in the paint thinner. Shake the brush around, pressing against the bottom of the can to help remove the paint.
  3. Pull the last of the paint and the excess of finer paint on the inside edge of the can.
  4. Dry the paint thinner in the brush with a cloth. Rinse the brush with water and dry again with a new cloth.
  5. Hang your brush upside down to dry without disturbing the bristles.
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