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Simple Ways to Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh

Sometimes you can try to clean the entire house and still find that it does not smell as good as you’d like. If this has happened to you, worry no more.  Here are some tips to help make your home smell fresh.

Try odor neutralizing agents to make your home smell fresh

There are some out of the ordinary odor neutralizers available today. An example is soda which has an incredible ability to absorb all sorts of odors.

Just put a small container of a little soda and a few drops of lemon juice in different corners of your home. Of course, be careful that they are out of reach for children.

Charcoal is another good option. It is very effective when it comes to neutralizing strong odors especially in places where there is a lot of moisture. To be effective, make sure to replace it with fresh coal often.

Water and white vinegar

To get rid of cooking odor, mix equal parts water and white vinegar into a bowl.

Then add some aromatic herbs or citrus peel. Leave it in the kitchen so it absorbs odors while cooking. This is also a good remedy for tobacco smoke and you can use it in any room.

Get your home to smell fresh

You should try using a home-made air purifier. All you have to do is add 15 drops of lavender or lemon oil to a spray bottle filled with water and shake to mix the ingredients well.

You can use this preparation to refresh any corner of your house. Homemade air fresheners are a good option to place near windows because the airflow will circulate in the room and improve the smell.

Flowers, a natural choice

Gardenia, geraniums and orchids can all be great floral choices to make your home smell better. Jasmine flowers are also very fragrant. Place them in a container of water to release their strong fragrance.

Try air cleaners at home

An air cleaner is one of the best ways to eliminate all sorts of odors and pollutants, such as viruses and bacteria. They are especially useful if you have pets because they will help keep your home clean and fragrant.

You can try natural vanilla flavor. Just add a few drops of vanilla to a cotton ball near the filter once every 6 hours.

  • A homemade pine air freshener is another option. To do this, cook three pine branches, two laurel leaves and a mushroom seed. To maintain the aroma longer you should keep it at low heat.
  • Orange air refresher: To make an orange air freshener, cut an orange open, scrape out the inside and fill it with coarse salt. Place this in a tight container and you will have a fantastic homemade air freshener.
  • Rosemary Air Freshener: To make this kind of air freshener, cook some rosemary leaves and lemon slices for one hour. Then add a few drops of vanilla extract to get a fresh scent which will last a few days.
  • Dried Flower Air Refresh: This air freshener consists of chopped rose petals, laurel leaves, eucalyptus, thyme and sage. You mix everything well and add them to bags. If you find that they lose their smell, just add a few drops of alcohol.

Do not forget to ventilate your home to make the house smell fresh

One of the key things you should not forget is ventilation. Try to vent out your home every morning. This is an important and simple step to take.

All you have to do is spend 10 minutes to refresh the air and remove any bad odors that are left.

Make sure you have a good flow of air to have the desired effect.

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