Boring Bedrooms; Remodeling for Keeps

By Megan W. 

So you’ve considered the fact that investing in your home is one of the more lucrative ways of earning money. How does one go about this process? There are many rooms, appliances and landscaping aspects that come into consideration during the revision of your home. Perhaps the best way is to take a look at the most essential room in the house—the master bedroom. Most couples will spend the majority of their time decompressing here and it is this room that will make the house their own. Even if you’re not selling your house now, putting money into remodeling your bedroom is like investing in yourself, only you will get more satisfaction and money back in the future. Here are some ways to amplify the ambience of your room, without emptying the majority of your bank account.

When remodeling your bedroom, take into consideration what it is that you find relaxing. This room is unique from the others and should have a luxurious and restful feeling. If you don’t quite know where to start, reset your frame of mind and ruminate the thought that your bedroom is like your walk-in closet. If you’re going to get anywhere, you’ll need to get rid of old things that occupy space and are of little use to you. Having a cluttered environment is the ultimate mood damper and can make one feel even more stressed in life. It’s no hint that you like something if it’s stacked around your room and found in all the little nooks and crannies. You should probably get rid of them, but if you know that you’ll regret it later on, you should find a better way to store these things. Let’s say that you find that reading to be your thing, but care too little for the way that your books are stored. Instead of having piles and towers of books, you should splurge on getting yourself a good shelf or storage furniture with decent accents. It will make the room seem bigger and more open. A kindle is always recommended and you can get all of your books onto that one little device. For everything else, get rid of duplicate objects, unused clothing, things that are worn out and everything that has been gathering dust. Once you sell or donate these items, you can have a piece of mind knowing that everything is in its place, leaving more time for you to relax.

Another thing that you can and should do when remodeling your soon-to-be master suite is to alter the walls and windows. For instance, if your wallpaper looks like something out of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, it will only subtract from the charm that the rest of the room has. Painting is a good and inexpensive way to boost the overall character of the room itself. You can give it a warm tone or generate a tropical getaway with light blue ocean paint. It is recommended that one works around the trim, which is where the ceiling begins from the floor. One should go above in beyond in finding the perfect tone and color to enhance the type of ambiance that you are going for in your room, whether it is bright, modern, cozy and warm, eclectic or something else. Don’t be afraid of making the wrong choice, as you can easily turn over a new leaf, so to speak, by painting over the current layer of paint. With windows, they are your outside door to the world. You can enjoy the view outside and even if you live in the city and the view may not be so pleasant, make the best of it and accentuate the inside. It is always good to do this and add to the amount of privacy as well. Consider adding a little laying area under the window, with a decent amount of light coming in. If you don’t really want to add any alterations within the window itself, changing the window coverings may be just the ticket. Most houses maid in the 90’s have those investigator window blinds, which are great in blocking out light and interrogating your daughter’s new date. However, the saying in with the new and out with the old could not be more stinging then it is now. Most bedrooms are smaller and are overcome by the large furniture, which makes one focus on something beyond the bed—the windows. This is where your window dressings play an important role in determining the value of your bedroom. They can add to your aesthetic layout by creating shadow when needed and bringing in just the right amount of light. You can sleep in more with deep curtains that block early morning light. When a person works late, they will love curtains that make day seem like night, easing them into a faster and restful sleep.

Aside from being just a place of rest, give the buyers and yourself an idea of multiple uses for this room. If you include an area for a TV, it can also become a movie room. Having a big space leaves the mind open to a lot of ideas, so take advantage of each one and organize it so that there is enough space for the bed. You can make a reading area with some lighting from a floor-lamp with a comfy chair.  Simple gestures like this are what make a bedroom a master suite in which you can unwind in at the end of the day. Some of the most essential features that you should have or at least include in your master suite are a well-organized closet, enhancing the view (or at least the look of the window from the inside), adding dimension (arranging things in a specific way to give off a sense of more space), minimalism in furniture and decoration and just adding your own personal touch. Once you have finished with the main room and closet, remember that a bathroom is what makes a master bedroom a master suite. Some common things that are found in a master suite’s bathroom are good lighting, proper storage, double sinks, non-slip floors and a huge shower with an attached bath. While having a big bathroom is great, remember that efficiency is sometimes preferred over design.