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Five Reasons You Should Replace Your Windows Today

Having a safe house is a main concern of most people. However, having just even a bad door or window can lead to the downfall of your home. There are many reasons as to why windows are needed. Pprotection from the outer elements, proper insulation and optimized airflow are the reasons for why windows were invented. (Other than that gorgeous view!) Many often imagine their house as a solid and well-built place. But, just like many manufactured things today, each product or thing is given a time lifespan so that the business of buying and selling continues. For instance; you may have bought that practically-brand-new 10 year-old house, but it is more likely that it is made of the sources available to builders and not those that are of high-quality. Most window panes are poorly built and consist of wood that is not secured against moisture. The wood begins to easily rot and can even be poked through with a screwdriver if weak enough. This and other surprising things of a window may just lead you to replace it. Let’s go over the five reasons for why you should replace your windows today.

  1. Windows are our view to the outside world and many of its beauties and horrors can be seen. You wouldn’t want the horrors of that storm to come flooding in, right? Well, a poorly designed window often has cracks and crevices in which the water can easily flow in. The wood begins to rot and the whole frame that is holding the glass in becomes useless overtime. Unless your house was built in the 70s, the wood is of standard, economical value which means that it isn’t going to last long. Most windows designed are going to only last as long as the manufacturer wants them to. Improve the appearance of your home, just like you would with your floors or walls.
  2. Winters are tough on us. Things are constantly frozen and then thaw, in a repeating process which has worn the earth around us. By replacing your window, you are preventing the possibility of costs due to damages from weather coming in. Imagine spending less money on gas. The reason for why your gas bills may be so high is improper insulation. This occurs when the windows are poorly sealed and cold air gets through, or worse, hot air leaks through the window. This is the cause of sickness during the cold season. Why pay with the seasonal flu and expensive gas bills when you can have better results by just replacing your outdated windows?
  3. Another reason for replacing windows is on the issue of safety. Can you imagine what your old windows contain? You’d be surprised at the amount of lead in old window paint, as well as the ability for your window to crack and break so easily. When the windows are poorly sealed, your children get sick and moisture is more likely to come into your home via your windows. This can cause mold and ultimately lead to the ruin of one’s lungs and even be harmful to your family’s health. One of your family members could easily break through windows as windows overtime become frail and unable to withstand normal and everyday impact from children or pets. If you have a pile of broken glass, it wouldn’t be left out, now would it? You’d replace the thing broken to add back to the value of the house and also to rid your family of the harm it could have caused. The same goes for windows.
  4. If you are not one to be friendly with rebates, this is something that you should really, “warm,” up to. Did you know that utility companies are most likely to give rebates to anyone who has new energy efficient windows? That’s right! Get a rebate for being smart and safe on your household and its ability to function properly. It’s not hard to do and you can even contact a local energy company to learn more about saving on the energy initiatives stated earlier. Different rebates are always offered! You can literally go, “window,” shopping without the fear of missing out on a good deal! Some stores will bend over backwards to get your deal, with rebates that are almost impossible to resist. Who says window shopping isn’t beneficial?
  5. The last reason is: if you are a green-eco fan. That’s right. Wanting to save up energy, but have already reduced, reused and recycled? Well, now you can help the environment by just supporting the right window. With a proper installation of an energy-efficient window, gas emissions are lessened by using less natural gas, a common gas used to heat the houses of America. When you user less of this, “natural,” gas, you are helping to reduce the amount of green-house gas emissions, thus saving our planet one window at a time.

When making those repairs on the house, keep these all on mind as they could save your  life – and your wallet!