5 Golden Tips to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Your home is the place where you feel safe, however, we often overlook an important security element: air quality. Contaminated air in the house affects your mood and even your health. And in our hyper-insulated houses that bad air cannot escape. The question therefore arises: how do you improve the air quality at home?

A determining factor for indoor air quality: moisture

Cooking, sweating, taking a warm bath or taking a steamy shower: these all increase the humidity in the house. You can measure them with a hygrometer. Too high humidity is the ideal breeding ground for bacteria, fungi and even house fungus. Too dry air in the house has an effect on your breathing and sometimes causes headaches.

Prevention is better than cure

You would rather lose chemicals than rich ones. Some chemicals in cleaning products, paint or fragrant air fresheners remain suspended in the air. Carbon monoxide, fine dust and allergens such as pollen float around your home. These inevitably arise from poorly maintained appliances, traffic, plants and trees. Number one on the list of causes is tobacco smoke. So know what is bad for you, and if necessary, change your habits.

Temporary measures

Opening your window is the classic trick for quick ventilation. With 2 open windows you create an airflow through your house (‘draft’). Make no mistake: you move air, but hardly improve air humidity or air quality. The risk of fungi growing in small corners remains large. Make it a habit to air your bedroom and bathroom for a short time every day.

Sustainable, green decisions

Plants in the house are beautiful and some plants purify air, although you cannot overestimate the strength of our green friends. Go for green technology: a new heating boiler is more economical, more efficient and ensures less emissions in the home.

Regularly check the air quality at home

Measuring air quality is specialist work. What you can do:  maintain your devices properly. Clean and replace filters in your hood, dust fans on the inside and outside, have your boiler checked by a specialist in time. Investments on good appliances only pay if these devices function optimally.

Choose structural solutions

Connect air purification to optimum humidity with an air cleaner. This drastically reduces the negative effects of bad indoor air and you remove disturbing factors such as bad odors, bacteria and pollen. With sophisticated technology and combined filters, an air purifier keeps your indoor climate livable.

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