Unclogging an Air Conditioner Drain

Your air conditioner is equipped with a drain line that sends water from the unit to the outside. This line should cleaned on a regular basis or it can get clogged with algae and mold. When it does, you are in danger of getting water damage around the unit and damage to the line and unit itself.


  1. Unplug the air conditioner. Disconnect the power to the air conditioning unit. This is always recommended when working on appliances.
  2. Take off the filter at the end of the outside drain line. Otherwise, the filter will be damaged.
  3. Place the end of a wet-dry vacuum over the end of the drain line.
  4. Wrap a cloth around where the vacuum and drainage are located. Wrap your hand around it to make a firm connection. Turn on the vacuum for about five seconds so it can suck the debris causing the blockage.

Tips and warnings

  • Pour 1 cup of bleach in the line each spring. This reduces the possibility of it becoming clogged.
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