How to Hide an Unused Door

Although most of the doors of a home are usually functional and easy access to rooms or storage spaces, there may be situations where the door does not lead anywhere. For example, it may be a small door leading to shower plumbing. When you have an unused door, you may want to hide it from view. There are some methods that work.


  • Make or buy a modified mirror or piece of art that extends over the entire height and width of the door you want to hide. Use something light, like a canvas, it can be moved if you occasionally need to access the door. Hang a mirror or artwork directly over the door so that it hides the entire opening, including the frame.
  • Creates a wall fabric extending around the wall on which is the door is framed. Place eyehooks approximately 1 inch (2.5 cm) below the ceiling and hang curtain wire between them. Measure the wall and cut a piece of fabric that is large enough to cover the space. Cut the fabric so that it is larger than the wall if you want a similar effect to a billowing curtain. Fix fabric fasteners to the curtain wire.
  • Place a piece of furniture in front of a high doorway leading to the place you never need to access. High and wide shelving, an entertainment center or the Chinese cabinet, provide options. Cover the top of the furniture with accessories that extend above the door frame, if necessary.
  • Place tall plants in pots, either real or artificial, in front of the door to hide it from view. Use lush shrubs instead of trees to greater coverage.
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