What to do When Ceiling Paint Starts to Flake

When you see that paint on your ceiling has begun to flake off, you must act quickly to find the cause and remedy possible problems with the house. To restore the ceiling, you must go through multiple steps, including the removal of old paint and restoration of the ceiling surface.

Check for moisture

Chipping paint usually indicates moisture problems running through the ceiling or high humidity in the house that produces condensation of water in the ceiling. You should check if there is moisture on the site where the paint is peeling off simply by placing your hand over the area where the paint has begun to come off. However, if you see mold growth, do not place your hand near it. If you see water seeping through the ceiling, check the pipes in the upstairs room to see if they’re leaking, if there isn’t a room upstairs, call a roofing company to find the cause of the damage.

Protect yourself

If your house was built before 1978, there is a possibility that the paint on your ceiling contains lead and can be toxic. For added security, it means that at least one layer of paint contains lead.  If you live in an older house, wear clothes that cover arms, put on gloves, a face mask and safety glasses. If you see the presence of mold, protective clothing will also help protect your health.

Remove the loose paint

Before you can do something with the section of the ceiling where the paint is peeling, you must remove the old peeling paint. A spatula is a good way to remove the old paint without ruining the ceiling. Remove the loose paint in the area where it is peeling off, while still scraping the ceiling around the painted parts until you find chipped paint firmly attached to the ceiling. If the flaking was the result of water damage, dry the ceiling with fans before proceeding.

Patches up the place

Having taken all the peeling paint off and drying the damp ceiling, patching is the next step. You have to use a patch to smooth the surface of the plaster ceiling, where there are cracks or other surface damage. The patch also helps bring the ceiling level with the rest of the ceiling. It might be a good idea to apply several coats in the area where the paint is missing to help level it. Once the patch is completely dry, you can apply a primer to match the rest of the ceiling

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