The Best Tools for Working with Wood

Becoming a carpenter takes years of education and training. Most people can not only choose the tools they need to do the work and start building a masterpiece. Some woodworking tools are better for certain types of work, while others require only a few pieces.

The basics

Carpenters need to have an arsenal of tools for most jobs; however, the need for more specialized tools as the difficulty of projects increases. All carpenters need to have a strong hammer. Hammers with a wood handle are more stable than those with a metal handle and are less likely to break. For finishing work, a lightweight hammer can also be used. Carpenters should have a variety of screwdrivers in different sizes in their tool box and must also have a drill with drill bits and accessories of different sizes. Companies such as Stanley and Cobalt make robust hand tools while Black and Decker, Dealt and Craftsman offer high quality tools and accessories.

Miter saw

Miter saws are used for a variety of projects that include timber. This tool allows a carpenter to make a perfect cut at an angle of 45 degrees so that the pieces can be put together at corners. These are most often found in furniture and cabinetry work but are also used for installing molding. Miter saws can be costly, however, there is a more affordable option. A battery powered miter box can be purchased for a fraction of the price of electric miter saw and does not require a power source to operate. Bosch miter saws are considered the elite in terms of power and precision.

Milling machine

Mills have a wide variety of uses and make the work of a carpenter easy to complete. These can be used to create or join together joints but are more often used because of their ability to carve intricate designs into wood. Instead of completing the finishing work and carving with a hand tool, carpenters today use routers to speed up the process and make more accurate sculptures. With the first models difficult to use, routers have undergone many changes in recent years. Today they are light and have numerous accessories making the use of the tool easier than ever. Milling incisions are common and can be used to make holes in the center of a piece of wood.

Biscuit joiner

Joining two pieces of wood can be difficult for many carpenters. While there are several methods of bonding, one of the easiest and most widely used methods is the use of a tool known as biscuit joiner. This machine cuts a small sliver of wood off the edge of the two parts to be connected. The cut is large enough to contain a small round disk called a cookie. When the cookie is inserted into one, you can easily connect the two pieces of wood; the cookie provides a solid bond between the pieces. Only a few companies produce biscuit joiners and Porter Cable Tools has the widest selection.


No carpenter wants to present a finished project that has sharp edges, splinters or rough patches. The traditional role of sandpaper or sanding block can be used for small projects, but larger projects require a motorized sander to complete the job faster. Sanders can be equipped with sandpaper of different thicknesses depending on the project. Orbital belt sanders are the most common types of power sanders acquired by its versatility. Large jobs like sanding a floor may require the use of a drum sander. Sanders are manufactured by many companies such as Skill, Hitachi and Black and Decker.

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