7 Reasons Why Overgrown Trees Near Your House Are a Bad Idea

Trees around the house can be a great thing: they provide shade, serve as wind breakers, add beauty and increase property value. But when overgrown, trees can also pose a threat to you and your house. If you allow your trees to become overgrown, they might cause the following damage:

  1. Old and overgrown branches might fall and injure people and cause damage to electricity & telephone lines, your house, car and other belongings. Not to mention, downed electric lines can result in fatalities and fires.
  2. Broken branches and leaves that find their way onto the roof of your house will clog gutters which could result in water flowing into your roof, walls and basement.
  3. Rodents can invade your roof by walking on tree branches that grow too close to your roof.
  4. You might lose complete use of your patio, deck or balcony, if leaves and tree branches grow over that space.
  5. Constant rubbing of tree branches on your roof will wear your roof material faster. Additionally, constant shade from the sun will cause dampness on your roof leading to faster deterioration.
  6. Your house might get musty and cold due to improper circulation of air.
  7. Large root systems can cause damage to the foundation of your house, eventually affecting the entire structure. If there are cracks in the foundation, tree roots can grow into them, causing problems such as foundation uplift, sinking of buildings where roots have leeched water from soil and penetration into water and sewage pipes.

To prevent all these problems, you should trim and prune all trees and vegetation that grow around your house to keep it under control. Tree branches should be at least 4 to 6 meters away from your roof. Before you plant any trees, learn all the facts about them, including how long their branches and roots will grow. Big trees should be planted farther away from the house.

Safe removal and trimming of trees is important to prevent damage and accidents. If you are not confident about trimming overgrown tree branches, contact a professional in your area to do it for you.