5 Tips to Remember for DIY Fencing

Are you tired of your neighbor’s dogs and kids always running into your yard? Do you feel as though you could do with extra privacy and increased security? Fencing your yard is a great way to achieve all these things.

If you have some spare time on your hands or feel in need of a DIY project, then consider installing a fence. In order for you project to turn out right, there are some tips you should consider:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the building rules and regulations of your local area.

Most local authorities have very strict rules for fence installation. If you don’t follow the correct zoning rules, this could land you in legal trouble and you might even have to take your fence down.

It’s also important to confirm where water, gas, electricity and sewer lines run, so that you don’t damage them.

  1. Discuss your plan with your neighbors

Discussing your intentions to fence your yard with neighbors who share your property lines will prevent any friction from popping up. It’s also a great way to share fencing costs, so before you start building your fence, ensure that all owners of neighboring properties are aligned with your plans.

  1. Take measurements and create a plan

Before you start digging, map out your plan on paper. If you start working without accurate measurements, you will botch your fence installation project. Correct measurements will also influence the quantity of material you buy.

  1. Buy fencing material and ensure you have all the relevant tools

There are many types of fencing material available on the market and your choice will depend on the reason why you need a fence. When choosing fencing material, also consider that some materials are easier to work with than others. Discuss available options with the sales clerk at the hardware store and choose the right one for you.

Additionally, ensure you have parts such as screws and nails, as well as all the tools needed.

  1. Don’t forget the entrance

A fence is not complete without an entrance to match. Whether you decide you want a pedestrian gate or a driveway, incorporate it in your plan. A great entrance can add a great dramatic effect in your overall fence design. Not to mention, it is a great way to add security to a home and maintain privacy.