Is Your Deck Ready for Summer?

Even though summer is pretty far away, just like saving up for a college education, it is never too soon! Close your eyes and imagine a bright, warm area for you to relax your fears and worries away. You can feel the cool breeze and the sweet fragrance of botanical wonders surrounding you. Sounds too good to be true? There are many things that can make a backyard a dream yard for the summer, let’s see what we can do for that yard of yours. The ideal things to focus on are lighting, furniture, plants, decks, patios and fencing.

First, you’ll want to consider the entire layout of your yard. Is everything up-to-par? During the long other season(s), your backyard’s components such as decks, stones and fences may become damaged and worn out. Handy Man on Call offers the services of waterproofing and weatherproofing of decks, as well as restoration services. With all of the services they offer, it’s no surprise that painting, power washing and fences are also included. These are all important elements in a summer-ready wonderland. Will you be entertaining often? If so, it’s more than just comfort. Try to set the mood with proper lighting. You can go about this many ways—varying from different light types, fire pits and glowing decorations. Fire pits may seem expensive, but serve multiple purposes and can even be a DIY project if you are determined enough to dig one. Fortified by the surrounding area, a fire pit can provide a place of comfort, warmth and culinary arts (or as I just like to call it—marshmellow roasts!) Adding even just the slightest glow can make a big difference in appearance just by adding that subtle touch.

Aside from the light situation, in order to have a decent backyard, you’ll want to take into account what makes it so unique from your house. The answer is simple: it’s outside. Flowers and plants help support and make life possible here on Earth. There are many different types of interesting plant species to be found and setting up your soil for the right ones will bring a certain depth of art and admiration to your garden. By putting fragrant flowers and herbs in your garden, you create a gentle tone. Ensure that all areas are weeded and properly sealed by stone, mulch or plastic against any future weeds. Putting a barrier around this area will help to prevent the material from eroding over time, thus depriving your plants of the nutrients essential to a beautiful and full bloom. Handy Man on Call provides multiple services relevant to outdoor needs, but also ensures that you will have a long-lasting finish. Since Handy Man on Call also offers tree services, you can get those big and dead trees out of the way. While trees are beautiful, if dead and loose after a storm, they can be very dangerous to be around and can cause damage to your house. Having a tree that blocks your house can also take away from the beauty. By using minimalism, you avoid having a, “cluttered,” look in where the outer scenery takes attention completely away from the house.

Furniture is a great way to accentuate the area around you. By matching and picking out contrasting colors to the deck color, (white or teal furniture on a brown deck) you essentially are creating the space around you. But what if that space is already worn-down and decaying due to poor sealing of the stone in the patio? Handy Man on Call also offers the service of restoration, decks and maintenance. Even if something is not broken, why not upgrade? Your house shelters, comforts and supports you. To renovate on the outside increases its value by ten-fold. Although people may see it as another expense, you are in terms investing for a future occupant of the household, who will enjoy the fruits of your labor for many years to come. By providing good fencing, it shows that you have valuable content on the inside that needs to be protected. Your guests will love a well-prepared backyard that is well-lit, decorated nicely, in good condition and smooth. First impressions always do last.