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Stone Fireplaces Styles

Often a fireplace is the centerpiece of a living room, no matter the size, and can be made in any shape, size, style and material. In addition, a fireplace, especially those made ​​of stone, can be more than just a decorative part of the house; It can be the crucial part for a fire. Fireplace […]

Making Your Masonry Fireplace More Efficient

A masonry fireplace creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere anywhere. However, fireplaces are a source of significant heat loss, even when in use. Although the room will feel the heat being given off, the burning process pulls hot air out of the house. There are many ways to improve the efficiency of a fireplace, reduce […]

DIY Wooden Fence Installation

Installing a fence is a good way to prevent pets from escaping the garden and have a safe area where children can play. A privacy fence will increase the value of your property and provide further security. Within days, any man skilled in “do it yourself” projects can install a wooden privacy fence along the […]

Designer Suggestions for Painting Small Bedrooms

Small bedrooms can feel cozy and comfortable when they are decorated with its size in mind. To help a small bedroom look brighter, use light cool colors and choose decorations, bedding and furniture with little contrast. Make sure the furniture is scaled correctly with the room, opting for smaller furniture and choose only furniture that’s […]