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Building a Gable Roof

The gable, also called a gable roof, is simple to design and cheap to build. Its symmetrical shape is attractive, it sheds water from rain and snow efficiently, and provides a large attic space. It is a good option in climates that receive snowfall, but it may not work as well in areas with strong […]

Painting an Exterior Door

Exterior doors, especially main doors, are usually the first thing that someone notices on your house. If you want to add a touch of character to your home, painting the exterior doors is an effective and simple method to change the appearance of your space. For this, it is better to remove the door from […]

How to Apply Stucco

Traditional stucco is simply a variety of concrete, which is applied in several layers to create a strong adhesion to the wall. Stucco is popular for many reasons, including its low cost, resistance to earthquakes and its permeability in humid climates. This article explains the exterior applications of stucco on wooden or steel frames, or […]

The Best Tools for Working with Wood

Becoming a carpenter takes years of education and training. Most people can not only choose the tools they need to do the work and start building a masterpiece. Some woodworking tools are better for certain types of work, while others require only a few pieces. The basics Carpenters need to have an arsenal of tools […]

Average Tree Removal Costs

If you have a large tree in your yard you want to remove, you should consider the total costs involved. If you have free time, and friends to help, you may be able to cut and remove the tree yourself.   Make sure you consider the cost of heavy equipment rental needed. Hiring a service to […]

Tips for Drilling into Drywall

Plaster walls do not present a challenge to drill into them, however, you have to be careful when drilling drywall to prevent damage or drilling in the wrong place. Posts A metal detector device can work well on a wall with plaster, but does not determine the location of studs behind drywall. You may be […]

The Best Plants to Decorate the Home

The number of advantages plants can offer when using them as part of the decoration of the house is unquestionable. In addition to their decorative touch, plants help bring joy to the whole place and create a truly positive atmosphere at home. There are a number of plants that are perfect when decorating the interior […]

Tips for DIY Draft Inspections

Perhaps the best way to identify the sources of energy wasters in a home is a professional home energy audit, including a blower door test and thermo graphic inspection. Here, Erik Lindberg, a specialist in home energy with Enervation Inc., comments on one of the main areas included in the audit: the furnace and heating […]

How to Clean Tile Grout

The maintenance and stain removal in the grout of your tile floors is a complex task and may even be exhausting, as in cases where you have large surface like a tiled wall or floor that have retained dirt and stains over time. To make the job of cleaning as painless as possible, you need […]