Five Tips to Hang Furniture on a Wall

How to hang a wall cabinet successfully

  1. The first thing to do is identify the weight of the furniture. When you know, go to your local hardware store and ask for the screws and appropriate anchors for that weight and type of furniture. Always choose anchors metal or steel, not plastic or flexible materials that can easily break. Do not forget to install many more screws, fixing more.
  2. The measurements are very important. You must be precise to avoid drilling in the wrong place and having to start over. First work on the cabinet: Look at back to identify where you will place the hooks of the anchor system. Draw them at the same height accurately using a level. Screw the hook and make sure it is not loose.
  3. Before getting down to work on the wall, remove any furniture that is below or near the work area and cover all objects and decorative items to protect against dust. Taking accurate measurements for placing the hook in the cabinet and use the drill to make the holes fit. This is important to use plugs before screwing resistant anchoring. The screw plugs ensure and protect the wall.
  4. To attach the furniture to the wall system, do not forget to load the cabinet with the help of another person to avoid back injuries or accident. Try not to scratch or leave marks on the wall with hands or tools.
  5. Finally, the basic and most simple rule, do not overload objects on the furniture If the anchor you purchased is only able to hold the weight of the furniture, you won’t have any additional weight that can be used for frames and other objects.