How to Make a Shoe Storage Rack

If you find yourself pulling your shoes out from a big pile at the bottom of your closet, and you’re always missing one or both halves of your favorite pair, it may be time to make a shoe organizer in your closet. Make it any size you’d like and place anywhere in your closet.


  1. Think about kindergarten classrooms and storage cubbies that were available for children to place their school supplies in. These storage shelves are perfect for keeping separate pairs of shoes.
  2. Count the number of shoes you need to store in the closet shelf. You can make each rack so it holds 2-6 pairs of shoes and build separate as many as you need. If you buy more shoes, you can make another shelf and attach it to your closet with the others.
  3. Start with the number of shoes to be stored on each shelf and multiply by 9 inches as each cubicle should be 9 inches wide. Add ¾ inch for end boards and each partition between pairs of shoes. For example, if you want to store 5 pair of shoes, multiply 9 and 5 for a total of 45 inches. You have two ends and four partitions and ¾ multiply by 6 for a total of 4.5 inches. Add the two together to total 49 1/2 inches.
  4. Gather your materials. For our example, you need two boards 12 inches wide and 49½ inches long for top and bottom of the grid. You also need 6 boards is 12 by 6 inches for the sides and partitions. All these joints must be ¾ inch thick.
  5. Assemble your shoe rack to form a rectangle which measures 49½ by 10½ inches and contain five shoe cubbies. Set pieces by drilling 1½ inch screws down through the upper to the lower board and board to attach the sides and partitions.
  6. Lay the grid on a piece of plywood and trace. Cut the piece of wood that you need to make the back of the grid. Fasten with wood screws 1½ inches at the edges and partitions. Paint the grid if you want and let it dry.
  7. Fit the rack to your closet. You can simply set it on the floor, if desired. Alternatively, you can connect it to the wall by screwing through the wood studs with 2 inch drywall screws. If you need more storage space for your shoes, you can put together another shelf above or below the other.