Tips For Painting a Garage Door

A door garage gaunt or faded, whether it is built of wood or metal, can have a negative aspect in the appearance of the outside of your house. The door is worn a lot with daily use and being constantly exposed to the weather. Painting your garage door is not complicated, but it needs to be done properly. Some advice for painting doors garage can help.

Clean the door

The garage door is outside in the elements collecting dust and dirt during the seasons. Before painting, wash the entire surface of the garage door. Metal or wooden doors are prepared in the same way. Start by spraying it with a garden hose. Scrub all over with trisodium phosphate and a scrub brush. Trisodium phosphate can be purchased at most hardware stores. Rinse the door and let it dry.

Sand the door

For both types of wood or metal doors, you must sand the entire door. If you avoid sanding, the paint will not stick to the door. Sand each panel surface individually with a medium-grain sandpaper. If the metal door shows signs of rust, use heavy grade sandpaper. Do not use steel fiber. If you accidentally removed the enamel during sanding or if there is rust on the metal door, you must prepare the garage door before painting. Apply a zinc base, then wait at least 16 hours to paint the door.

Select painting

Oil-based paints do not work as well on garage doors, whether metal or wood, because they show many flaws and imperfections. It is best to use a latex exterior coating and wood door trim and a Rustoleum metal paint for doors of this type. While you are buying the paint also pick up a roller, paint tray, a standard size brush and a brush for contours.

Paint the door

Distribute the paint over the wooden or metal door. Paint from top to bottom, all over the door. Overlap each section by a few inches to ensure the entire garage door is covered. Use the standard brush to soften the fingerprints of the roller and touch up corners and edges. After the first coat of paint has dried, apply a second coat in the same manner. Do not use the garage door for a day while the paint dries.