Tips to Help the Economy of Your Home

Save energy

Turn off the lights when leaving the rooms, reduce water consumption, buy energy efficient appliances, replace your incandescent or low consumption LED lighting and disconnect all outlets that are not in use.

Make the budget

On the Internet there are good budget planners that will let you know how much you spend per year and in what. If you spend more than you earn, the planner will help you make cuts.

Buy with intelligence

Always carry the shopping list and buy only once a week. These are tried and tested tricks that will save you from temptations.

Cheap purchase

When you buy everyday items, buy the cheapest and most useful. Buy in quantity and, if you can, reduce meat consumption.

Keep the freezer full

In this way, less electricity is consumed than if it is half-way. If large empty spaces remain, fill them with ice packs.

Grow your own products

Try it, even if it’s only a few herbs, next to the kitchen door or on the balcony.

Hurry the containers to the end

To use every last drop of a cleaning product, add a stream of water to the container. To get to the end of creams and pastries, cut the containers and you’ll see how much is still left.

Give new life to the old

Toothbrushes used to scrub difficult corners and clean tile and mosaic joints; cut the old shirts and use them as cloths; take advantage of the containers.