Decorating Your Kitchen with Recycled Materials

If you are thinking about changing the aesthetics of your kitchen try decorating it with recycled materials.  In this article, we propose different ideas to show you an original and ecological kitchen.

Reusing pallets, cutlery or ladders is a perfect idea to ensure that your kitchen is decorated with good taste and in a very original way. Below are ideas on how to decorate the kitchen with recycled material so that you give a new and different touch to your home.

Reuse the containers

A very good way to decorate the kitchen with recycled materials is to reuse containers that you use on a daily basis such as plastic bottles, metal cans or glass bottles.

In the kitchen you can give many uses to these type of objects, for example, use them to store your kitchen utensils: wooden spoons, sharp knives, soup spoons, and so on.

Pallets in your kitchen

Another way you have to decorate the kitchen with recycled materials is to use pallets, one of the most used materials for recycled decoration. In the case of the kitchen you can use one of these elements to create a small multi-purpose shelf where you can hang different utensils and even enable a space to store your recipes.

Creativity with old cutlery

To decorate with recycled material it is important that you unleash your imagination and give new uses to your everyday objects in an original and unique way. For example, in one way, we suggest you take advantage of the cutlery that you no longer use, the doubles and the hooks to a wooden board; In this way you will be able to create an original rack where you can hang your coffee cups or whatever you want.

The long life of the stairs

The stairs are one of the objects that you can use the most: as a wardrobe, as an improvised bookcase or as a decorative element, there are many possibilities to decorate with stairs! We suggest you decorate your kitchen with a recycled staircase giving you shelving where you can store bags, wicker baskets or even put a nice plant.

Coffee cups as funny lamps

Another idea that we propose to you is that you reuse coffee cups and hang them as if they were kitchen lamps. You will have to stick with an extra strong tail the plate of the coffee with the cup to avoid them falling; then, you will have to pierce the upper part of the set to put the bulb inside. The result: an original lamp perfect for your kitchen.