Water Resistant Paints

There are various types of paints that withstand water, to be used for basement walls or constant immersion. Find a paint that is water repellent or waterproof. The kind of paint you choose will depend on the type of work you’re doing and the surface on which you will apply. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for preparation and priming. Even the best paint does not look good if applied on a dirty or damp surface. Never apply the paint without proper ventilation and use a face mask to help with the fumes.

Exterior paint

Exterior latex paints, enamel and oil are water repellent and designed to last several seasons and through storms. Varnish also creates a water-resistant surface when applied correctly. Some exterior paints are formulated to particular climatic conditions. Latex paint is lower in volatile organic compounds (VOC) than paint that is oil based.

Masonry Paint

Masonry paint used on stucco, concrete and cement are latex or acrylic based. Oil paints are not suitable for masonry surfaces. A coat of paint can help waterproof masonry if the surface is properly prepared; some situations require special waterproofing primer. If you are painting a concrete floor or deck, be sure to choose a recommended floor polish; they are made to endure repeated use and washings.

Marine paint

For surfaces that are frequently or constantly soaked you might consider using marine paint, also called coating or waterproofing. Marine paints are popular for use on metal surfaces and can form a protective coating that retards rust and corrosion.

Other finishes

If you are painting a wooden surface, you can consider products like varnish and lacquer finish. These mixtures of resin and solvent can be applied to untreated wood or wax, oil or stain for durability and gloss, and dry on the surface when the solvents evaporate. Applying varnish or lacquer is a more difficult of a process to apply than paint; you need to do your homework or get help from a professional.

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