How to Clean a Washing Machine Drain

The washing machine starts to empty and suddenly you hear the sound of moving water and the floor is covered in seconds. After turning off the washing machine, you see water coming out of the appliance drain. Are you familiar? The drain pipe may get clogged with pieces of cloth, coins and other debris. A slow drain can make your clothes smell bad. Follow these steps to empty and clean the drain of your washer.

Clean the drain hose
1. To completely remove any clogging in the drain of the washing machine, you will use a snake. Start at the top opening of the pipe and release the cable between 10 or 15 feet approximately after the jam. If there is a jam, the snake will remove the pieces of debris. Remove them from the top of the opening and throw them away.
2. Remove the drain hose from the back of the washing machine. Normally it is fastened with a clamp or with a pair of screws. When there is a blockage in the drain, pieces of debris can deposit in the hose, causing clogging and smells.
3. Dip the drain hose into a bucket of hot water with a cup of bleach. Check that it is free of obstructions. Pass a small piece of clothes hanger through the hose to remove hard debris.
4. Replace the drain hose using a screwdriver or pliers. Insert the hose into the drain of the washing machine. Make sure it is positioned directly towards the drain opening.
5. Cycle the washer with hot water and two tablespoons of bleach. The bleach will help remove the odor-causing particles in the washer and drain hose. Having the washer cycle will help clear debris from the drain pipe.
 Disconnect the washing machine before starting to work with the hose. Put on eye protection if you are going to be near a clogged drain. Chemicals and waste could be splashed in your eyes.

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