Types of Plumbing Tools

It does not matter if people own or rent their residence, owning some basic plumbing tools can save a lot of money. Calling a plumber is very expensive and for most plumbing repairs, the owner can perform them without paying a professional. Almost any plumbing job requires some essential tools. It is vital that specific plumbing tools are used for certain repairs so that no additional damage occurs and the plumbing work is repaired correctly.


Screwdrivers are a key tool to have at home. They can be used for a multitude of home repairs, not just for plumbing problems. Screwdrivers are used for basic plumbing repairs like disassembling keys to change washers and many other repairs. When buying screwdrivers purchase a basic assortment set which has several standard sizes and Phillip screwdrivers.

Tube cutter

A pipe cutter is useful for making simple repairs to water lines. There are two types of pipe cutters: one for cutting plastic tubes and one for cutting copper tube. Plastic pipe cutters look like a pair of pruning shears and work well on cutting any type of plastic tubes. A copper tube cutter is similar to a glass cutter with an adjustable jaw.

Kite wrench

The pipe wrench is probably the most iconic plumbing tool. This great tool has adjustable jaws that can adjust to various sizes and can pick up tubes or accessories. As you turn the key, grip more tightly making it large to grab and turn. Pipe wrenches come in various sizes that can be used on everything from large septic tank lids to drains below the sink. Do not use a pipe wrench on plastic pipes, as it will do great damage to them.


This is another of the tools that has many uses in the home and come in many types and styles. Like screwdrivers, it is good to buy a kit with a variety of pliers and then buy additional pairs as needed. Pliers can be used to loosen or tighten a many kinds of nuts, bolts and accessories. Perhaps the most versatile type of pliers you can purchase is a set of vice grips as they can hold objects by themselves leaving hands free.

Drainage Snake

The drainage snake is made of flexible metal with a drill head at the end. The head becomes a little smaller than the diameter of the drain lines. The purpose of the snake is to run into the drains and remove clogs when the drain is connected to. A snake can also be used to uncover toilets.

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